“The Beetle,” an amateur radio adaptation by Jack Graysmark

The Beetle novel

This has taken far, FAR too long to upload, but as part of one of my final English modules at University, I produced a radio adaptation of the 1897 novel, “The Beetle.” This wasn’t an unusual piece of coursework that saw a dozen different radio productions handed in to our tutor; instead, we had to create something that could demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of one of the texts we had studied for the module, and Richard Marsh’s horror story was little known enough that I could create something without being influenced by other adaptations. Imagine my surprise when Radio 4 broadcast their own version later in the year! I had my suspicions about where they got the inspiration from, but who am I to go around criticising public service broadcasters.

As the novel is split into four parts, each featuring a different narrator, I decided to focus on the first, as if I was adapting it for a four part series Condensing it down to its essential plot points, I adapted the text so it would be suitable for radio, adding sound effects and background music that was formidable enough to evoke a few shades of darkness along the way. It earned a 2:1 in the end, and I meant to upload it soon after I finished my course, but then the relentless anxiety of job hunting set in. It was only this week when it came up on shuffle on my iPod that I remembered it, and thought that having some kind of home on the internet certainly had more purpose as a location than my fading music player.

Massive thanks goes to Alex Ferguson and Liam Hale for coming on board to star as The Arab and Paul Lessingham! Give yourself half an hour’s rest and let me know what you think.