Merriment on Meridian

meridian fm logo

Just a quick post ahead of today and tomorrow’s escapades!

I’ve got a lot of love for my town’s community station, Meridian FM. When I first joined back in 2013 it was teetering on the edge, desperately clinging on for life as it fought against the odds. Now, the station is thriving, with more members and listeners than ever before, and as the station has now overhauled the play-out system, it truly feels like Meridian is moving forward, step by step.

I’m covering the drive show today from 3 till 6, talking to Kathleen Shuster from local amateur theatre company Rising Stars about their latest production Sweet Charity, which opens tonight at Chequer Mead. I’ll also have all the latest local news, weather and travel updates.

Tomorrow, I’m doing my own specialist show from 6 till 8, playing a mixture of more intimate and laid back sounds- from acoustic to electronic and R’n’B, new releases and old. Your favourite new song could be hidden away in the track listing, you never know!

Listen live in East Grinstead and the surrounding areas on 107 FM or via