My Harry Potter Cursed Child Book Review

It’s official: Harry Potter is Lord Voldemort. His soul split into many pieces and hidden into books, theme parks and now a West End show, he will never die. But can the script alone do the show justice, and is it a worthy successor to the seven stories that preceded it?

I dissected this and a whole lot more in my Cursed Child book review on my YouTube channel. Give it a watch and see what you think!



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One thought on “My Harry Potter Cursed Child Book Review

  1. Good review Jack!

    I thought it was fantastic that Albus was put in Slytherin. Yes the Potters and Weasley’s are traditionally put in Gryffindor but exceptions do happen – look at Sirius, who was placed there despite his entire family being in Slytherin. Neville was also asked to be put in Hufflepuff but the hat ignored him, I think it was more the hat recognising the part of Voldermort in Harry which caused it such deliberation, ultimately giving him the choice.

    Yes dark wizards traditionally come from Slytherin, but it’s not always the case look at Snape Regulus Black Slughorn and Pettigrew from the other side. Slytherin isn’t an evil house, but they tend to regard the end as justifying the means which applies to many of Harry’s ethically questionable actions in the books and those of Albus in the play in the aim of the ‘greater good’. To paraphrase Dumbledore it is our choices that define us, not just the house we are put in!

    Agree completely about Ron, he is largely comic relief both in this play and the films. He is much more rounded in the books, they gave a lot of his actions to Hermione in the films.

    Reintroducing time turners I agree made no sense, I thought the whole point of getting rid of them in book 5 was too avoid any future ‘well why didn’t they just go back in time’ type scenarios!


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